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20th -23rd week gestation

The purpose of an examination at this gestation is to examine in detail the systems and organs of the fetus. At this gestation we are able to examine the fetus at greater resolution, which enables us to see the organs more clearly. This time is ideal for exclusion of congenital defects of the heart, neural tube defects, cleft lips and palate, detection of rarer congenital defects and markers of chromosomal aberrations.

These include nuchal translucency, length of nasal bone, prenasal translucency, development of lower jaw, distance between the eyes, appearance and mobility of fingers, size of renal pelvices, length of long bones and shape of the feet, morphology of the heart, presence of abdominal wall defects and neural tube defects and others.

We examine the basic anatomy of the whole body in great detail during the examination. We review the development of the central nervous system, skeleton, heart, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, limbs, genitalia, umbilical cord vessels and so on.

In most cases we use 3D/4D display technology, which is very useful for the detection of clefts and also to show movement of the fetus.

When a congenital defect is identified the management depends on the character and severity of the defect. In some cases we recommend more detailed investigation (for example magnetic resonance), often we follow up with ultrasound examinations to assess the evolution of the defect. The presence of an abnormality is sometimes an indication for invasive testing (amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling) or for blood sampling from the parents. Proposed management is always consulted with both partners.

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